Car sharing and electric bike sharing between strategic points in Hajnowka County (Poland)

The Białowieża Forest Region is one of the most popular tourist destination in Europe. It contains over 650 km of bicycle routes, 176 km of Nordic walking routes, hiking, educational and quest paths, conditions for canoeing and windsurfing, narrow-gauge railway, trolley railway and theme villages – there is an enormous number of things you can do during  sightseeing the edge of the oldest forest in Europe!  

The tourist offer of the region is constantly growing and becoming more attractive and the region’s potential is developing due to the implementation of innovative mobility concepts. In the region of the Białowieża Forest – in other words the Bison Land, everything that is most beautiful in Podlasie is accumulated – nature and multiculturalism. 

After an eventful day, hospitable residents will treat wanderers with regional specialties – venison, bread straight from the oven, tsarist cheese, dumplings, honey, and for dessert the original Marcinek cake. 

Hajnówka County with close cooperation with  Bialystok University of Technology and partners from the Baltic Sea Region is on the verge of the implementing a project MARA that may revolutionize communication channels in the region in the future. 

The development of the e-bike concept is an opportunity for the development of tourism, and at the same time an ecological means of transport, allowing to learn about the biodiverse beauty of the Białowieża Forest. Region still has many problems, the most recognized are: poor quality of road infrastructure, lack of an integrated and updated source of comprehensive information on transport services, insufficient use of environmentally friendly means of transport, insufficient number of passenger connections, resulting in communication „white spots” on the map and the lack of communication between tourist towns. Keeping that in mind the development of mobility is one of the most important directions for the economic development of the region. We hope whole Białowieża Forest Region will soon bloom in a mobility department solutions as daisy’s do in spring!